0 Should greenkeepers have priority on the golf course?

I've seen the social media pictures of greenkeepers with huge welts on their head. I've admonished a playing partner who sent a shot skyward while staff were working in a greenside bunker. I've seen the appeals from BIGGA chiefs urging golfers to show their members a little bit of care and respect.

I've also heard players muttering that greenkeepers should 'get out of the way'. I've heard the grumbles that 'we pay their wages', and I've watched players pacing around in frustration because someone on a mower is on a green working hard to make their surfaces better.

If, by some miracle, you're still wondering where I stand on the 'who gets priority on the course?' debate, let me be clear. Greenkeepers do. Always. Every time.

It's interesting this is still a debate - particularly in this health and safety conscious, ambulance chasing lawyer, era in which we live.

But ask enough greenkeepers, or look at enough golf club weekly newsletters, and there will still be the periodic appeal for players to and try and avoid taking out staff with a polyurethane projectile with the propensity to cause massive life-changing injury.

It's outrageous. It's irresponsible. It's dangerous. If you do it, then sod your subs. Your club should empty your locker and kick you to the kerb.

What about pace of play? Blah blah blah. Just wait a minute, it's not difficult. Your greenkeeper will do everything they can to make your stay as short as possible.

I've got to a ball, to see staff mowing a green, and I've sat down quite content for the long haul. But greenkeepers understand golfers want to play, they understand if there's plenty of people on the course, and they'll try and get you through as soon as they can.

I can't think of any other profession where people would think it was OK to put others at risk in such a cavalier fashion - to hit hard, fast moving, objects in their direction and basically dare them to duck.

If we're not careful, someone's going to get killed and we're all going to pay the consequences. Or should we send out our hard-working greenkeepers in hard hats and hi-vis? For the sake of everyone, have a bit of patience. Put down your club and wait.

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