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Sign of the Times

cheshireLC.jpgWebsite addresses are published everywhere these days but seldom do advertisers go to the trouble of taking four days to write their address in 50ft letters like Cheshire businessman Bob Matthew.

His new log cabin business is situated near the busy Manchester airport and low flying aircraft pass over his site all day long.

Compensating for the fact that sometimes aircraft drown him out when talking to customers, he wanted to turn the situation somehow to his advantage and so came up with the idea of advertising to the thousands of passengers who use the airport each day.

So, learning that the field behind his office was unused, he drew out a plan of the letters, purchased almost two miles of string and 100 garden canes to mark out a grid and started mowing. The materials only cost £20, the result, possibly the largest advertisement in the World, half the size of a football pitch.

Using a 18in (46cm) Mountfield 35 Classic push mower with the grass box removed the website address took four days to cut out, interrupted by normal business activities, Bob reckons cutting it continuously would have taken him two days.

Unfortunately despite precise planning he ran out of space and missed the 'uk' from his message. However if the advertisement works he hopes to buy a ride-on mower to enable him to keep his handy work in trim.

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