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CarolDutton"After more years in this business than I care to count, I've decided to retire. Let's face it, I'm knocking on. The eyesight's going, the hearing's going and the waistline left years ago. As I've said before, when it gets to the stage where you actually LIKE your passport photo, simply because it's younger than you are, then it's definitely time to quit.

I'd like to thank my clients, past and recent, not only for their business but also for their infinite patience. Over the years, you've valiantly explained a host of different turf related topics ranging from the difference and merits of granular, liquid, conventional and compound fertilisers, the dangers and reasons behind black layer, the mechanics of compressed air decompaction, the design behind the latest line marking machines, the latest techniques of sports field drainage and the growth habits of rhizomatous tall fescue. You were dealing with an unscientific and non-mechanical mind, and any knowledge I've accumulated is down to you.

I don't think I've ever spoken to a greenkeeper or groundsman without learning something new or coming away with renewed respect for their expertise, dedication and the daily pressures they face. If I've managed to get any of you into print, I'm happy. Thank you for telling me your stories.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press you've been good to me. You've helped and advised me, and how many times have you responded, whether on a deadline or not, to "could you just change this", "ignore that" or, the recurring "is this picture okay to print?"

I'll stay in touch. You'll all get info on the Menorca place just as soon as I've got rid of the lime green paint left by the previous owner. But, for now, I'll leave you, linkedin, tweeting with your ipods and ipads and all those other technological mysteries which I couldn't grasp to save my life, and head for the sun. I just want to say one huge thank you to anyone I've worked with, spoken to or interviewed over the years. You've made the last ???? years an adventure and a joy."

The Pitchcare team would like to thank Carol for her invaluable input into the magazine, both through the exclusive articles she provided and the countless press releases from her clients. We will miss her cheery persona in the press rooms, and wish her a happy retirement.

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