0 Silver medal for the new Profihopper

Profihopper 4WDi d1 4463 150mmIn awarding a silver medal at the recent Demopark 2011 Show, the judges recognised the innovative features of Amazone's new Profihopper 4WDi PowerCompactor.

The new model creates, thanks to the high output mowing deck (PowerCompactor), intelli-gent all-wheel drive (4WDi) and a real 0-turning circle, a genuinely higher mowing speed and thus an increased output over the previous model putting it into a whole new performance class. In addition, it also stands out from the crowd with its ability to work in a much wider range of applications and conditions plus in its improved quality of work.

In the new PowerCompactor, Amazone have combined the Exact-cut rotor in the Profihopper with a new, reinforced auger collection system consisting of one longitudinal- and one cross auger. The longitudinal auger, which now has a diameter of 150mm, making the transfer volume double in comparison to that of the well-known, outgoing solution, clears the Exact-cut rotor quicker and packs the cuttings so tightly into the 730 litre hopper that over 1000 litres of mown material can be collected in one go. The result is that the Profihopper 4WDi PowerCompactor, even in tall grass situations, offers a much higher mowing speed than was previously possible.

Profihopper 4WDi d1 9054 150mmIn practical operation, there is also still a long list of relevant features. With the intelli-gent all-wheel drive, the machine plays to its strengths when working under adverse operating conditions - for example, when slipping on wet grass or when working on hilly and undulating ground - the danger of slippage is minimal because each wheel is driven at all times at the optimum speed. This results in greater safety and an im-proved quality of work, such as, for instance, in reducing wheel marks on lawns. Thanks to the 0-turning circle when mowing around obstacles, or turning, less ma-noeuvring is required and the intuitive steering is lighter and in place of the usual steering levers, the Profihopper 4WDi is fitted with a steering wheel.

Like all other Profihopper models, the new 4WDi PowerCompactor is ideal, not only for park and golf course maintenance, sports and leisure places, but also in extensively maintained areas, such as wild flower meadows, where the desired cutting material could be up to 50cm high. With its out-front, 1.25m width Exact-cut rotor that can both mow and scarify, coupled with the rear mounted collection hopper, the Profihopper can also be used not just for green space mowing with the simultaneous collection of the cut material, but for the collection of leaves and other rubbish and also for scarifying and collecting the scarified material at the same time. With its hydraulic high lift discharge (up to 2.1m) the machine can be unloaded directly over the lip of a lorry or trailer to be taken away for composting.

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