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Three years ago SISIS supplied two beach cleaners for use on Labuan, an island off the coast of Malaysia. They have given good service, and last year when the Malaysian Government decided to upgrade the quality of some of their beaches, SISIS were well placed to challenge for the tender. After much hard work by the team at Malaysian Distributor RS Machineries the order was won for sixteen SISIS S40 beach cleaners -SISIS Equipment's largest-ever single order.

The SISIS S40 was chosen for its ability to remove debris from on and just below the surface, its durability, and its ability to collect a wide variety of different materials. The design of the S40 is such that all the surface of the sand, to a pre-set depth, is removed and filtered through a moving "trace" system, the clean sand being returned to the beach. The debris is retained in the hi-tip hopper to be tipped directly into lorries and taken away.

The S40s will be used at 12 different locations around Peninsular Malaysia, many of them on the Malacca Straits, the busiest shipping lane in the world. Debris here is very varied and includes organic waste, glass bottles, plastic, discarded clothing, coconuts, sea weed, drift wood and tar balls. Another serious problem is the tropical creeping grasses which can appear almost over night and spread so quickly that the beach gets smaller and smaller. The "digging" action of the S40 rips out the weed and reclaims the beach. S40 D.jpg

Such a large order (and for physically large machinery) placed quite a strain on the SISIS Production and Despatch Departments, but the staff responded in their usual flexible and enthusiastic manner to meet the deadline.

SISIS Export Manager David Harrison and Demonstrator John Ashton flew out to Port Dickson to install the beach cleaners and train the 50 operators, managers and mechanics who will operate the fleet, to keep some of the world's most beautiful beaches debris-free.

A modified version of the beach cleaner can be used for land clearance when constructing golf courses and sports fields.

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