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VSS 2000 Spray SNOWWhen you're building winter maintenance systems for the harshest North American conditions it follows that you know what's best to battle winter snow and ice.

SnowEx builds tough equipment for precisely such weather and has seen the developing trend towards using brine solutions rather than traditional salt and grit spreading. It's easy to see why, for more and more councils and contractors, using brine has become the popular practice and they are increasingly opting for this method of dealing with the worst of winter. Brine solution is easily applied and highly effective used in conjunction with SnowEx VSS liquid de-icing systems.

There are three models available to suit the extent of the work, starting with the VSS-1000 which, loaded with Wessex ThawEx brine solution for example, is ideal for getting to hard-to-reach places, with its capacity of 378 litres and a 30m heavy-duty hose and lance fitted as standard. The spray width is up to 1.8m and power is reliable 12v with digital control.

The VSS-2000 is a premium performer, with a huge 757 litre tank. Ideal for use on pick-up beds and flat-bed trucks, the VSS-2000 makes contract de-icing work a straightforward and hassle-free experience. Baffles in the tank prevent liquid from sploshing around and unsettling the balance of the vehicle.

At the top of the SnowEx VSS range is the mighty VSS-3000. With a giant 1135 litre tank, this is the sprayer for professional contractors looking for a low-maintenance, hassle-free spraying system. Using brine solution contract de-icing is now easier, faster and more effective than ever before.

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