0 Specially Modified Mower Is Not A Miracle Worker!

DSC01928.JPGWorthing Golf Club knew they needed a heavy duty flail collector to clear areas of thick grass growth and scrub around the course to encourage wild flower growth and reduce the thickness of grass growth to ease golfer's frustration when looking for balls in the rough!

"The existing machine just wasn't up to the job" said resident machinery guru Chris Beeney, Chris asked loca1 dealer Palmers Turfcare's Andy Page who recommended a Ryetec Contractor flail mower collector. A demonstration was organised which proved the machine up to the job but unfortunately the tractor struggled to lift the machine with a full hopper and as it wasn't due for replacement just yet and a smaller lighter mower would not be big enough for the amount of work that Worthing had to do an alternative solution was required.

After some study of the tractor and mowers linkage geometry, Ryetec's Mark Harrison, decided that with a relatively straight forward modification, the mowers linkage could be made to suit this particular tractor more closely and this would allow for problem free operation. On the basis that a new modified machine would definitely work, a Ryetec C1800CH Contractor heavy duty flail collector was ordered.

Delivery and subsequent trial had everyone with fingers crossed, as the tractor pulled out of its first 'run' with a fully loaded hopper it lifted the mower easily from work! Relief all round for both supplier and customer alike, the machine is now gradually transforming conditions at the course although it is unable to make it rain at the beginning of this very dry season !

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