1 Speedy Verti-drain leads the field for performance

Speedy Verti-drain leads the field for performance

Aeration is a vitally important sports turf operation and grounds professionals need a high work-rate machine when treating large grassed areas. Unlike many other units, Verti-Drains from Charterhouse Turf Machinery give fast performance with consistent accuracy, so that quality is not compromised.

Typical of this approach is the new 7120 Verti-Drain, one step up from the existing 7117 Mustang, a high-speed unit that was introduced as far back as 1998. Many greenkeepers and groundsmen have appreciated its efficient performance ever since, but now they can go a stage even further with the 7120.

Wider at 2m (78in), it accepts longer 200mm (8in) tines. Larger 18mm (¾in) diameter hollow tines can also be fitted, along with the full range of hollow tines.

The 7120 can be powered by a 45hp tractor with a lift capacity of 1000kg. It is designed for use all-year-round to keep playing surfaces in peak condition, by altering the tines and their spacings. The speedy machine can aerate a typical rugby field in just two hours.

Unlike machines which have drive belts with their inherent risk of slippage, the secret of the

Verti-Drain's speed and precision lies in the direct gearbox drive to all cranks powering the tine assembly. This superior engineering guarantees no mis-timing or irregular spacings.

Philip Threadgold, managing Director of Charterhouse Turf Machinery, says the 7120 exactly fits the needs of turf professionals who need speedy, efficient aeration but cannot compromise on quality.

"Verti-Drains used at the correct speed and depth will quickly treat an entire area. They also offer benefits when compared against air-injection type equipment, which can create undulations in the surface. The Verti-Drains leave an even finish that can be played on immediately afterwards."

Turf aeration introduces air into the soil and lets nutrients reach the grass roots. Verti-Drain machines incorporate a unique parallelogram configuration, which provides a uniform 'heave' effect as the tines leave the ground, to break up solid surfaces.

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