0 Sport England funding: the seven new investment programmes

As part of its new 2016-2021 strategy, Sport England has scaled back the number of investment programmes it runs from over 30 to seven, focusing on outcomes emphasised in the government's Sporting Future strategy

984984 680376The programmes are as follows:

1. Tackling inactivity: The "highest priority" for Sport England investment, with at least £250m put towards getting the inactive 28 per cent of the population active.

2. Children and young people: Dedicated funding for young children as a result of Sport England's new remit for the outside school activity for those aged 5+. A fund to train at least two teachers in every secondary school has been committed.

3. Volunteering: Sport England will focus on what motivates volunteers, making it easier to fit sport volunteering into "modern lifestyle".

4. Taking sport and physical activity to the mass market: A focus on limiting drop off has been highlighted, and Sport England will "seek out and back ideas that can help make sport a mass market activity".

5. Supporting sport's core market: Sport England's strategy points to Sporting Future's analysis that public investment has been "disproportionately focused" on NGBs, creating financial dependency. The quango will support NGBs become more sustainable and efficient.

6. Local delivery: Sport England will invest in 10 specific areas - some urban, some rural - to create a "more joined up approach to getting active".

7. Facilities: A new Community Asset Fund will be created to complement Sport England's Strategic Facilities Fund, with an emphasis on multi-sports services and co-locating.

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