0 Sports surface renovation costs cut with Multivator aerator that recycles

BLEC Multivator  in action on a sports pitch. Going left.A Savage winter has left many left many sports turf managers with compacted rootzones and lack of grass cover.

End-of-season renovation is one of the most significant tasks undertaken in the sports turf management cycle - and grounds managers are constantly looking for new machinery that will improve efficiency and cut costs.

The new BLEC Multivator has been designed with end-of-season renovation and cost-cutting in mind.

Featuring a quick hook-up rear attachment system , the Multivator becomes a multi-use machine which is a highly-effective heavy-duty aerator for renovation.

"In these economically hard times local authorities in particular are needing to cut sports pitch renovation costs and the Multivator has been designed with just that in mind," says Gary Mumby, managing director of BLEC, whose manufacturing base is in Lincolnshire.

"Decompacting, soil recycling and topdressing all in one pass, the Multivator has an easy-change blade set-up and heavy duty reversible drive system. We believe this is the ideal all-round machine for grounds care professionals looking to cut costs."

Gary, a former landscaper, designs and manufactures his own machines based on experience of equipment that is ideal for grounds managers needing versatile cost-effective solutions to sports surface problems.

BLEC Multivator in action on a sports pitch.  Going right."End-of-season renovation is all about decompaction and improving drainage," he says. "Grounds managers now have machines to choose from that are tailored to their specific needs.

"My main mission has been to design a machine that can do a number of jobs and be a more effective piece of equipment to have in the shed and ready for action."

By using aeration blades on a rotor the Multivator can cut grooves up to 20 cms deep and the arrangement of the blades causes a "groundsbreaking" wave action which decompacts. A following brush keeps the surface clean.

For removal of rootzone material for recycling, hardened steel cutting tips can be bolted on to fissuring blades. Grooves can be cut from 10 to 12mm wide. The following brush recycles the removed soil back into the grooves.

The BLEC Multivator also offers options of a verticutter with elevator removal, stone burier, stone picker, soil screener and turf lifter.

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