0 Sportsmaster WSF 4-0-15 SeaMax improves plant uptake and utilisation

SeaMax Kingfisher Country Club, Chris MeyhewSportsmaster WSF 4-0-15 SeaMax is a soluble fertiliser that contains a premium high concentration of Atlantic Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed extract sustainably harvested from renewable resources.

Sportsmaster WSF 4-0-15 SeaMax also contains innovative TMax technology designed to be used on all types of turf as part of a nutritional programme or as a stand-alone product to improve plant uptake and utilisation. The formulation is designed to stimulate the plant and feed soil microbes to help provide a healthy environment for root development. Sportsmaster WSF 4-0-15 SeaMax is 100% water soluble making it the ideal partner for wetting agents and plant nutrition.

Chris Mayhew, the Course Manager at Kingfisher Country Club, uses a range of the ICL products and finds their ability to mix a significant benefit. Chris manages Poa annua push-up greens and the flexibility provided by SeaMax enabled him to apply H2Pro wetting agent and Effect Liquid Iron at the same time to help harden the turf against potential disease.

Chris states that "From an agronomic perspective I aim to keep the greens as disease-free as possible, but often during the winter the course can be down to just one man, therefore being able to undertake several tasks at the same time, effectively, makes good sense." When asked why he elected to use Sportsmaster WSF 4-0-15 SeaMax Chris commented that he "aimed to build a stronger plant with a leaf blade that didn't get overwhelmed. The combination of SeaMax, H2Pro wetting agent and Effect Liquid Iron provided great, long-lasting colour and just the right level of growth for a warm autumn. The Meadow-grass has kept growing and the SeaMax has been there to meet its needs whilst I've been able to keep the surface dry with the H2Pro".

Chris works closely with Clive Parnell of ALS when weighing up the nutritional options available and when asked would he use it again his response was that "it prevented me from having to change the hole so often, I didn't get the wear that I anticipated and this was due to the combination of products that were applied at the right time. I'd definitely use it again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to other green keepers."

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