1 Spring into action this autumn!

Digging for Daffs.pdfNew research from PlantforLife reveals that more than half (56%) of people agree that daffodils in bloom officially mark the beginning of spring, with over a third (36%) ranking daffodils as their favourite spring flower. However, such strong associations with spring could be the downfall of the daffodil with nearly half (45%) of people mistakenly trying to plant their favourite spring flower in spring, when in fact autumn is the key planting time

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With the nation unaware about how and when to plant a spring garden, PlantforLife is championing the daffodil and encouraging Britain to start 'Digging for daffs'. Teaming up with celebrity plantsman, Chris Collins, PlantforLife want to educate people on when to plant spring bulbs, providing simple tips for a spring garden makeover!

Bring a touch of spring back into your garden
Despite 40% of people surveyed admitting they have never grown their own spring bulbs, the research reveals that it's not a lack of want that's holding them back...

• 45% mistakenly try and buy their daffodil bulbs in spring
• A fifth admit they would like to but forget until they see them in bloom and...
• Almost a third don't know where or when to start, and feel they don't have enough time

Commenting on the findings, Chris Collins says, "Spring flowering bulbs like daffodils, tulips and hyacinths are a great addition to everyone's garden or outdoor space, not only are they easy to grow and maintain but what's great about these spring blooms is that once planted, they will flower year on year so they are a great investment. What's more, by planting spring flowering bulbs not only can you introduce a splash of colour to your outside space, but by cutting your own and creating beautiful flower arrangements you can give your a home a spring makeover too."

Reaping the spring rewards...

Not only do bulbs look great when in full bloom but they can also save you money! When asked, almost a third (32%) of those surveyed admitted to buying cut daffodils every week throughout spring, with 82% spending up to £10 a month on cut flowers. So, with daffodils proving to be the popular shop choice, it's no wonder that 81% of people admitted they wanted to save their pennies and learn how to grow these spring beauties themselves.

So why not spruce up your garden and inject some colour next spring, simply log on to www.plantforlife.info/daffodils to download Chris' top tips on how to grow your own spring bulbs.

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