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Scarify, aerate and overseed. Three spring turf treatments that are high on the agenda for turf professionals and landscape contractors as we head into spring. To meet their needs Schiller Groundscare have launched their lawncare spring 'package' featuring the Classen Turf Rakes, Aerators and Overseeders.

DSC 5480 (ZF 5556 63778 1 001)Regular scarifying to remove the thatch and moss preventing rainwater getting to the roots of the grass is crucial to turf and green maintenance so it makes sense to have a machine on hand that's tough yet economical at the outset. The Classen Turf Rake is a versatile and portable dethatcher with folding handles for easy transportation, ideal for contractors and hire operators. The flail blades adjust to five different heights and there are optional attachments for seeding and grass collection.

The benefits of aeration are clear, with the improved air exchange between the soil and the atmosphere, enhanced water uptake and getting nutrients and oxygen to the grass roots. Core removal will improve fertilisation, while reducing water runoff and puddling, leading to stronger rooting. Soil compaction is reduced and heat and drought tolerance is enhanced.

The Classen Aerators are self propelled, feature operator friendly controls and are solidly built to last for professional turf care. The new Reciprocating Aerator doesn't use hydraulics to independently drive the tines, making the controls exceptionally simple to use. The core tines reciprocate at 450 revolutions per minute, covering up to 26,000 sq ft per hour and the aerator is designed to punch cleaner holes in tough soil without additional weights. Again, this machine has lifting and tie down handles for easy transportation.

Classen turf overseeders make it easy and convenient to seed a new lawn, or overseed an existing lawn. The front seed drop ensures follow-up soil coverage for better seed germination. The unique design of the blades, with a cutting edge on both ends, doubles the blade life. Handles fold easily, for portability and storage and the overseeder converts in minutes to a rake with catcher bag or vertical cutter.

There's a choice of standard or self-propelled models. All three of these Classen machines combine to offer the turf professional, contractors and hire operators a complete system for year-round care and maintenance and each comes with a two-year warranty.

Schiller Grounds Care UK www.classen.uk.com

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