0 Starting your mower for the first cut of the season.

Starting your mower for the first cut of the season.

By Clive Macintosh


It is often the case, that when you come to start your mowers at the start of the grass mowing season. They often do not start or run very well, the main reason for this is usually attributed to fuel or ignition problems. A simple fault finding guide is set out below to help you identify and rectify these problems.

Fault finding guide:

Engine will not start:

1 - Ensure that there is fresh fuel in the fuel tank.

2 - If petrol is present, check filter is clean and not blocked.

3 - Fuel needle sticking, remove float chamber to gain access.

4 - Main fuel jet maybe blocked, clean by blowing out, but do not use wire as this will enlarge jet.

5 - When engine is warm the mixture can easily be made too rich by incorrect use of fuel causing difficult starting. Float maybe punctured or air filter blocked, (Replace or clean air filters).

6 - Check spark plugs, with lead attached, hold plug on top of engine to see if spark is visible when engine is rotated, clean and adjust the gap on plugs and points to correct clearance.

7 - If no spark can be obtained, hold lead about 1/8th from cowling and rotate engine, insulation maybe faulty or contact breaker points dirty, clean contact points and adjust, renew if badly pitted, condenser or ignition coil or their connections maybe faulty.

8 - If machine is fitted with electronic ignition, then unit maybe faulty and need replacing.

These are guidelines and will vary with different types of lawnmowers and machines.

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