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Things got exciting at Trimax HQ last month as we welcomed our latest recruit, Steven Jackson. Steve's our new European Commercial Director. We gave him a few days to find his feet (and the Nespresso machine) before we landed on him for a little get-to-know-you chat. And, well, he's raring to go. We asked him a few questions about work before getting down to the stuff everyone really wants to know…

Steven JacksonWelcome to Trimax Steve. How's your first week been?
Good thank you. Everyone here is very welcoming and I'm really pleased to get going. Trimax UK is at that perfect place in its development where there's no huge infrastructure to grapple with and you can make things happen quite quickly. I'm meeting everyone now and starting to get involved.

What will you be focusing on in your new role?
Growth! I'll be helping Trimax expand in the UK and in key European markets. I'll be out in the field offering sales support, so we can continue building good strong relationships, servicing our customers and supporting our superb product range. That's what Trimax's success so far has been all about and my skills and experience fit very well with pushing that forward on a wider scale.

What do you know about grass cutting?
The turf care sector is new to me. At the moment I'm learning about the technology and about the industry but I have 20 years' experience in the design-driven manufacturing business, technology product sales and marketing. I am experienced with SMEs and helping them grow and prosper. Trimax is not afraid to invest where it's needed and so I feel I'm in the right place at exactly the right time.

What do you like about Trimax?
Trimax is a great company. Building and sustaining long-term relationships is my passion and that's what brought me to Trimax; this company values relationships and there's a real family feel to the business. We're already close to suppliers, distributors and customers and I want to help make that even stronger. Trimax has standout products of course but our after-sales support is also a major differentiator.

In three words, what's your leadership style?
You'll have to ask the team for their view on that but I would say I'm passionate about first class delivery, collaborative and respectful. I respect people's experience and expertise and I'm always ready to learn something. I'm good at motivating and retaining staff through growth and change. I try to make the working environment fun and positive, but with robust processes to move things forward.

What do you do in your free time, apart from mow the lawn?
I have a family: my wife's a teacher and we have three kids who are almost independent now. My big hobbies are cycling and running. I've done a few long distance events such as cycling from one end of the UK to the other in a single day. I'm getting into triathlons too; I have my first event coming up in July. The swimming is the tricky part so we'll have to see how training goes.

Favourite gadget?
My MacBook.

Beach or mountains?

Football or rugby?
Both, they are great sports with much more to offer than just the benefits of physical exercise. I played a lot of football in the past and my children play both football and rugby on a regular basis. As a parent I see the life skills the sports give to young children. Invaluable life lessons.

Golf or tennis?
Both. I can't choose sorry!

Beer or wine?
It depends where I am and who I'm with. Both!

White lies or blunt honesty?
Blunt honesty!

Thank you Steve. Good luck with the triathlon and the new job!

You can say hello to Steve by emailing him on steven.jackson@trimaxmowers.co.uk.

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