0 Stop compaction, weed growth and litter accumulation in tree wells with baseguard

After Baseguard installation.jpgTree wells around street trees collect litter, create trip hazards and suffer from compaction in addition to attracting weed growth. baseguard, the new product launched by leading amenity contractor Complete Weed Control at IOG SALTEX, solves all of these problems at a stroke protecting the tree and the environment.

baseguard allows water and nutrients through its porous structure to the roots below, negating the issues associated with compaction. Tree wells are often choked with leaves, cigarette ends and other debris, especially when fitted with iron grilles. baseguard, however, fills these voids and can be installed in conjunction with grilles when the tree is planted, or as a retrofit.

baseguard can also be used around trees in turf to eliminate the need for strimming and spraying. Flexing as the tree grows, it is a long-term solution to a long-term problem.

Tree stress

Urban environments are particularly stressful to trees due to problems associated with pollution, vibration, contact damage and vandalism. Tree wells in urban landscapes look terrible since they accumulate debris. In high traffic areas, soil becomes compacted from trampling which leads to root damage and stops water from penetrating the soil surface.

Eventually the tree becomes stressed and if the situation is not remedied the tree is killed. Recent research has identified that the average life expectancy of an urban tree is now only 7-10 years¹. 50% of the trees planted in an urban environment die within the first year².

Stressed dead or dying trees create a run down impression in town and city centres. Potentially this may result in large tree surgery charges or significant replacement expense. Furthermore, millions of pounds are required to be spent each year on strimming parkland trees and on trees and posts on cut grass areas.

The solution: tree rings and wells using baseguard

Installing Baseguard.jpgThe increasing onus on local authorities to develop and implement integrated vegetation management (environment) plans (IVMPs) has led to a need to manage urban vegetation to minimise loss of green amenity. The pressure is on key agencies to manage the environmental conditions within towns and cities whilst at the same time reducing the use of potentially harmful chemicals in sensitive areas such as around schools, hospitals and residential areas.

The baseguard solution is to remove impacted material and place a protective layer of flexible yet tough polyurethane-bound rubber mulch at the base of the tree, filling the tree well - or ringing it if it is not located in a paved area - and preventing weed growth. This baseguard layer is porous allowing water and nutrients to penetrate to the roots yet is flexible enough to expand allowing the tree to grow. This approach minimises the need for alternative weed control methods - typically either to spray herbicide at regular intervals, hand weed, or strim around the tree base.

Tree ringing and well guarding can be carried out all year round using baseguard. Due to its patented technology, the speed of curing is much faster than conventional systems, with the ring or well installed and ready for anything in about an hour. This is particularly advantageous when working, as will generally be the case, in high traffic areas as disruption and the need for zoning off is minimised.

baseguard benefits

Baseguard products are easily fitted by our nationwide network of trained installers. They allow for tree growth; penetration of water and nutrients (they're porous) and are strong enough to support the tree-well edge during mowing and enable the use of CWC's fleet of Weed-ITs (computerised infra-red spot spraying system), potentially further reducing urban spray volumes. Further key benefits they offer include:

  • Helping authorities to meet the challenges of changing urban legislation and deliver real improvements to the environment
  • Supporting ongoing labour savings to local authorities and other amenity operators and providers
  • Reducing the requirement for strimming
  • Reducing trip hazards in urban high traffic areas, traffic islands, roundabouts, parks, pathways, golf clubs etc.
  • baseguard comes in several hardwearing colours and doesn't 'crumble' with foot traffic
  • Moss and weed growth resistance
  • They are made substantially from shredded recycled car tyres - an environmentally-friendly use of waste materials
  • They can be used to fill existing grilles and grids to prevent build-up of unsightly litter, weeds and moss

Tree ringing with Baseguard.jpgAbout baseguard and Complete Weed Control

Baseguard products are only sold installed by Complete Weed Control's nationwide network of trained installers. Established for over 30 years, Complete Weed Control offers a specialist contract service for the eradication of all problem weeds, wherever they appear.

From airfields to zoos, stately homes to highways, Complete Weed Control delivers fast, effective solutions to weed problems. With their objective, honest approach, they offer the UK's most local and reliable weed control service.

CWC can help solve a range of ground care concerns, saving money, labour and enhancing the natural environment.


More information at www.completeweedcontrol.com

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