0 SubAir Takes Root in Turf Industry

SubAir has grown to be the leading producer of subsurface moisture removal and aeration technology. Each SubAir product is designed to enable turf managers a way to promote healthier and stronger playing surfaces through moisture content management, subsurface aeration, and root zone temperature control.

Each system is connected to the existing subsoil drainage pipe network of a golf green or sports field and is engineered to operate as a vacuum or aerator. As a vacuum, SubAir increases the rate water is moved from the surface through the soil profile; as an aerator, SubAir forces air from the subsoil pipes through the soil profile to provide needed oxygen. By removing moisture and providing air exchange the system also provides relief from extreme temperatures.

Although the system is best known for the way it rapidly removes excess water from golf greens, its long term benefits for golf courses and sports fields come from the air exchange it provides the turf.

"Grass is like a person, it requires fresh air. Instead of disturbing the surface with a mechanical aerator, our system forces fresh air through the soil profile," explains Kevin Crowe, SubAir Agronomist and Director of Golf Projects.

Installation of SubAir can be done in one or two days per green, causing little disruption to play at an existing course. A SubAir vault, housing the blower that provides both vacuum and pressure mode, is connected to the existing piping network of the golf green. The vault is installed at the highest elevation forcing the air to flow uphill to the SubAir unit, allowing gravity to drain water down to the outfall. A patented assembly called a distributed separator connects the vault to the green's drainage network and acts to separate the air from the water.

The assembly separates the air and the water, moving the airflow to the SubAir vault and sending the water toward the outfall. A dual valve is used on the end of each outfall to create an air lock to force the air through the soil profile so it does not escape through an open ended pipe. Controls for the units are housed in a standard irrigation enclosure which is located away from the green. Once the installation is complete, only the air intake/exhaust and vault inspection port are visible above the surface.

Using the basic principles of the SubAir golf system, the SubAir sports field system is housed in a mechanical room within the stadium and connects to the main collector of the drainage network. A water separator is designed to mechanically draw water from the field and flush it through the outfall of the drainage. Each project is site specific and the SubAir team assists in the design and engineering of the system.

"It goes without saying that a healthier host is certainly the best defense against pests, and with the assistance of SubAir Systems, turf managers are able to micromanage playing surfaces as well as the profile of the soil," adds Glenn Vaught, SubAir Sports Field Project Manager.

In addition to subsurface aeration equipment, SubAir produces a Hydronics system for heating and cooling greens; AirWave, a wireless control system that can also monitor moisture levels, temperature, and turf salinity; and TurfBreeze, a line of turf fans.

To learn more about SubAir and its family of products visit www.subairsystems.com or call toll free at 866.641.6663.

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