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In his latest monthly advice pieces, Alan Abel, a Complete Weed Control franchisee for over 30 years, discusses the use of wetting agents during prolonged dry spells

CWC Alan AbelWe are now experiencing the hottest spell of weather we have seen for a number of years, with the warm air coming straight up from Africa.

This ‎is leading to stress for our grass swards on fairways, greens and tees in golf, bowling greens and field sports. It is a difficult time to be 'growing in' after end of season renovations for the new season that's just round the corner.

Wetting agents and stress relieving bio-stimulant mixes are the order of the day to try and get over this hot dry spell.

The years seem to go so fast in an industry that relies so heavily on weather and the seasons are the topic of conversation when we have been visiting greenkeepers and groundsmen around the country.

Now, after the general selective weed control season has reached its climax, Turf Managers are thinking of fungal attacks‎, such as fusarium, dollar spot, anthracnose and what to use for the best results possible within the budget.

Since the news about the immediate ban on chlorpyrifos and the subsequent three month 'use- up' period; the industry is worried about the future as leatherjackets pose such an unseen but very real problem.

Reverting to talking selectives; we are entering the last sixteen months of inexpensive weed control in turf, as the use-up period for 'three way mix' herbicides will run out at the end of 2016.

This really will put a strain on the purse strings as we will all be using the new breed of selective herbicides that contain the more expensive florasulam, fluroxypy‎r and clopyralid. The Water Framework Directive is a main driver in our current situation.

Mecoprop (CMPP) concentrations have been found in water ‎and this has led to selectives containing CMPP to being revoked. In certain situations ‎such as rush control in rural areas, farmers have been using the wrong chemical for its control which has led to residues being found in water courses.
This shows the importance of using the right chemical in the correct way and for the right reason and applied by the right person.

For more information, visit www.completeweedcontrol.co.uk.

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