0 Super fast deep ground aerator launched

Deep ground aerator that covers 2000 metres per hour

A good idea is a good idea wherever it crops up and, oftentimes, it takes a while before the intended beneficiary of a good idea gets to accept it. One such concept was highlighted in the last issue of Pitchcare; that of deep aeration.


But the arrival of the patented Gwazae deep aerator from New Zealand could change the game. The Gwazae hammers its compressed air into the soil at anything between 20 and 150 psi.Gwayze-017.jpg

Being imported into Europe by Keith Kensett of Kensett Sports (the Graden Man for many of us), the Gwazae machine is being viewed as a contractor's tool first and foremost but the opportunities for sports facilities to own their own machine are also being instigated.

"I don't think this machine will replace the Verti-Drain" said Keith, "but there are many Greenkeepers and Gwayze-028.jpg

"The easiest way for me to describe the speed of it" said Keith "is in terms of a football pitch. With the single-probe machine we can aerate down to a maximum of 28 inches and complete the job in around three to four hours. The double-probe could, obviously, do the job even quicker. A day for 18 golf greens, about a fortnight for the entire golf course, four days for a racecourse; even less with a double probe machine."

A brief video of the machine in action can be found at the bottom of this article.

Technical info:

The Gwazae ground probe aerator delivers large volumes of air into the ground, not just the top layers. Over time the air permeates back up through the soil delivering essential oxygen to the soil and enriching the turf root system. The Gwazae ground probe aerator is a one-person, fully self-contained, operation.

The velocity of the air greatly enhances the fracturing effect on compacted soils. The operator can easily adjust air pressure during the operation if varying soil conditions are encountered. The aerators' advanced hydraulic system has been designed to accommodate the probe hitting obstacles below the turf surface. In the event of encountering an obstacle, the probe penetration interrupts automatically and the aerating cycle restarts without the tractor needing to stop. While most aeration is carried out in a straight line, the Gwazae is designed to allow moderate turning while operating.Gwayze-024.jpg

Compressor: The Ground Probe Aerator uses an industrial, high performance, rotary screw air compressor that incorporates an advanced system that ensures that the air it delivers is clean and environmentally friendly. The GPA101 compressor is powered by a modern industrial quality electric start two cylinder diesel engine. The compressed air supply valving system allows for very fast and precise delivery of air to the ground probe. The Ground Probe Aerator cycle is controlled by the tractor driver using a small control box positioned next to the driver. Adjustments to the blast time and interval are quickly made at the main control box. Adjustments to air blast pressure are made at the display panel directly behind the driver. The rest of the aeration process is automatic and starts and stops using the drivers control box.

Tractor Requirements: The GPA101 model - Most 30-40 hp tractors, either hydrostatic or conventional, are suitable to use with the Ground Probe Aerator. A PTO drive is required for the hydraulic pump. Attachment to the aerator is by conventional two-point linkage. For the model GPA202 an 80 hp PTO equipped tractor is required to run this model. Attachment is by conventional two point linkage.

Hydraulics: Hydraulics are used to drive the probe into the turf. The Ground Probe Aerator uses a patented fast response control system to automatically interrupt the probe cycle when obstacles are encountered below the turf surface. Hydraulic power is supplied by an onboard tractor PTO driven pump.

The Gwazae was recently demonstrated across the UK at a number of venues including Sandown Race Course. The machines will be available for hire with operator for the South East area from BTM (Sports Services) Ltd. Please contact Ken Butler on 07831 364774 or Trevor Symmonds on 07889 116162.

For further information on machinery hire and purchase elsewhere please contact Keith Kensett on 01883 342632 or e-mail info@kensettsports.co.uk

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