0 Supporting Exmouth Town in every way possible

Behind every great football club, there are a dedicated group of supporters and volunteers who make it all possible.

Exmouth Town volunteers working hard - Credit: Martin Cook

Exmouth Town Supporters Club help to provide that platform at Southern Road and Martin Cook is a proud member of a team committed to ensuring a positive future for the Football Club.

"I was always sport-minded in my younger days," said Martin. "I played football, rugby, cricket and used to do a lot of running.

"As you get older, you can't do these things as much. I also used to coach cricket but my motivation is that I am so thankful for what sport has given to my life.

"Sport has introduced me to so many special people. I love watching football, cricket and rugby. I am a lifelong Exeter City supporter and have lived in Exmouth all my life.

"I would watch Town as a youngster and I just wanted to help put something back into the club, although it is definitely not just me - we have a fantastic team of volunteers in the Exmouth Town Supporters Club.

"I remember chatting to someone at Exmouth Town and they told me the club was playing a game against Plymouth Argyle, but it had not been advertised.

"All my mates would go to watch a game like that and I gradually became more involved in helping the club to promote games, and general activities at the ground.

"A few of us got together to help out where we could, providing some assistance to the groundsman and it became an enjoyable social activity for all of us.

"We have gradually become more involved and our motivation is that we want to help develop a facility that is inclusive to all.

"It is not just about the here and now, we all want the club to thrive for future generations of supporters and players.

"We have a group of eight of us in the Supporters Club and we want to ensure the football club is a central part of Exmouth community life.

"We want football pitches for kids and adults to enjoy the game."

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