0 SweepEx when you’re in a slurry

SweepEx Twist ADJUSTClearing slurry, mud, standing water and sludge present you with a difficult task ahead. Unless, that is, you have a SweepEx push broom.

Hitched to a skidsteer, a traditional category 11 three point hitch, a telehandler or a fork lift truck, a SweepEx broom makes clearing all types of materials a breeze, from fallen leaves in the autumn to light snow, material spills and other debris including wood chips, steel shavings and banding.

In fact it's hard to think of anything this simple, labour-saving modular brush system won't clear with its facility to 'squeegee' wet surfaces. The patented bristle track holds the bristles firmly in place and there are 25% more bristles per inch than competitor types.

In fact, the system is so strong the bristles will support the machine without flopping about. All of which adds up to superior sweeping performance from this, the original broom.

There are with no moving parts, belts or chains and no motor, offering a safe and maintenance-free option. Attachment to the host vehicle is quick and simple, giving you an easy change brush system that can be complete in just five minutes.

SweepEx will take on bulky materials as well, with a variety of models to meet different challenges. The Pro broom is designed for medium to heavy sweeping while the Mega broom, with its eleven rows of bristles, provides maximum sweeping power.

The MegaMax C-broom takes the concept of the push broom and adds carefully twisted side retainers which will hold bulk volumes of material in front of the brush without spillage.

All SweepEx brooms dramatically reduce sweeping times and in the case of the MegaMax you eliminate spill lines and so reduce the time clearing up even further.

The polypropylene bristles, high tensile steel broom head and mounting hardware are highly durable. You can sweep up to 450 miles before changing bristles, and that includes sweeping small rocks as well as slurry and snow, mud and compost.

SweepEx brooms are working just about everywhere from farms to builder's merchants to recycling centres and racing stables. Well worth considering if you have anything that needs sweeping.

For further information visit Broadwood International:01264 345870 or visit www.broadwoodintl.co.uk

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