0 Sweet smell of success for Helmsman Granules in rose beds

Sweet smell of success for Helmsman Granules in rose beds

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Dave Grealis, Contract Manager for Wirral MBC trialed Helmsman Granules from Bayer Environmental Science on some of his Rose Beds in early February 2004.

"After using glyphosate on our rose-beds for a number of years, we found that in the past couple of years, we were having to re-plant more frequently, as the roses were becoming spindly and weak.

Handweeding or hoeing is very labour intensive in the spring/summer, which is our busiest time of the year, so we simply had no other option than to resort to several glyphosate sprays throughout this period."

Following consultation with Amenity Land Services of Telford, after pruning early Feburary 2004 Dave Grealis decided to try Helmsman Granules on some of the rose-beds.

"The results were excellent - not a single weed appeared until well into July. We used another Bayer Environmental Science product, the selective herbicide Finale, to spot treat from then on, but only on very few occasions.

Due to the success, we will be using the Helmsman/Finale programme on all our rose-beds next year and every year."

Helmsman is a pre-emergence granular herbicide for the control of broad-leaved weeds and grasses in amenity vegetation, and one of the safest for application on rose beds.

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