0 Swillington Rollers raise money for Macmillan Cancer Trust

Eric SmithA number of Crown Green Bowling clubs on the Isle of Man have recently had their fleet of greens maintenance equipment improved, courtesy of Eric Smith, of Swillington Rollers.

During a recent Turf Care seminar held on the island, Eric Smith, who was present as a guest, took a keen interest in a presentation from bowling green's consultant, Dave Bracey. As part of Dave's presentation, the subject of 'light rolling' was covered, with much focus on settling the greens following winter, aiding green speed and surface trueness, and the value of lightly consolidating recently renovated areas to aid with seed germination. Though Eric is well known in the Cricket Groundsmanship circles for his ongoing support of Cricket Clubs up and down the country, his passion for rollers clearly does not stop with Cricket Rollers, so, inspired by Dave's presentation, Eric returned home with a plan in mind. Shortly thereafter, Eric contacted me to inform me that he was designing a bowling green roller, which he was to subsequently build a number of, and donate to any clubs on the island who wanted one, in lieu of donations to Macmillan Cancer Trust. We discussed roller size, weight, practicality etc, with a view to coming up with a simple roller that would meet the criteria that Dave's presentation set out.

Following a number of phone calls where further discussions took place, Eric informed me that he had built nine rollers, with two different width's being offered, and he, along with his wife Marlene, we're booked on a ferry to the island again! Following Eric's arrival on the island, we assembled the rollers, and set about delivering them to various clubs around the island, all of who have made donations to Macmillan Cancer trust.

During Eric's stay, he imparted much knowledge and wisdom onto all he came into contact with, including welding tutorials with the Grounds Staff from King Williams College amongst other things.

All of the bowling clubs who have been fortunate enough to receive these rollers from Eric, and I myself would like to offer our sincerest thanks to Eric for this gesture, his ongoing support of Groundsmanship on the Isle of Man, and also his continuing commitment to raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Trust.

Mike Atherton
Head Groundsman
King Williams College

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