0 Synthetic Surfaces - Access all Areas

Synthetic Surfaces - Access all Areas
Technical Surfaces believe they have come up with the answer to the problem faced by most Tennis clubs in the UK - How to get a piece of effective maintenance onto their synthetic courts.

Historically, tennis clubs and courts in the UK have been built on small footprints, making planning tight and restricting access down narrow pedestrian paths to a single gate with a few steps normally thrown in for good measure!

Getting the right maintenance equipment onto the court normally involved removing fencing and involving specialist contractors, however help is now at hand in the form of a specially designed machine from German manufacturers SMG.

Technical Surfaces explained the problems to SMG and over the last few years have helped to develop a machine specifically for the tennis market. The TurfSoft is not only easy to operate, but more importantly resolves the access problems associated with British Clubs. The handle mechanism folds and the front wheels swivel, allowing the TurfSoft to be manoeuvred through tight turns and single gates.

Technical Surfaces believe that this will be the answer most clubs are looking for in respect of maintaining and extending the life of their synthetic courts.

For further information about Technical Surfaces, please contact 08702 400700 or e-mail: sales@technicalsurfaces.co.uk

Photo: The new SMG TurfSoft synthetic surface maintenance machine developed with help from Technical Surfaces.

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