0 Tackle Giant Hogweed problem with Roundup

Local authorities under pressure from residents concerned about recent reports of injuries caused by Giant Hogweed can rely on Roundup ProVantage and Roundup ProBio for effective control, says Monsanto

Giant Hogweed in flower"The stems and leaves of this invasive weed are covered with small hairs coated with poisonous sap. Even the slightest touch can cause painful blisters and severe skin irritation," explains Monsanto's Technical Manager Manda Sansom. "Symptoms are often worse in the presence of direct sunlight as the reaction is photosensitive."

"The recent warm weather has seen families enjoying open spaces, where they may come into contact with Giant Hogweed if it is not effectively controlled."

Ms Sansom warns "While some grounds managers aim to tackle Giant Hogweed by mechanical means, cutting every two weeks below ground level before the plants reach 1.5m will reduce colonies but is very labour intensive and the risk of sap contact is high."

Spot treatment with Roundup ProVantage or Roundup ProBio is the preferred method of control and will give excellent results, she points out.

"The formulation is the safest to use near water and carries no Irritant symbol on the can, so is safe to operators, animals and the environment. Application should be carried out wearing face shield, gloves, overalls and wellingtons and contact with the plant sap avoided."

Spraying with a vehicle mounted sprayer or knapsack or weedwiper application are all effective and stem injection is a useful method when working amongst desirable plants and shrubs or near watercourses.

Roundup ProVantage and Roundup ProBio are available to purchase from the Pitchcare Store.

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