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John Deere's Area Manager (Product Support for Commercial & Consumer Equipment), Gwyn Preece, on how to avoid getting tyred out at work.TurfTyres.jpg

Check tyre pressures regularly, at least every 50 working hours, as incorrect tyre pressures can have serious consequences for stability on slopes and ease of steering. Always use a good quality low-pressure gauge and not a standard car tyre gauge, which is not accurate enough at the low pressures used in the turfcare industry. For example, if the gauge is out by 1psi at 10psi it may seem insignificant but, in reality, this is a 10 per cent inaccuracy.

Always make a point of checking tyres after replacement tyres have been fitted or punctures repaired by tyre companies. To get the tyre to sit onto the bead, they often pressurise them to well above the operating pressure. Unfortunately, they very rarely lower them back to the correct setting afterwards.

Ensure that tyre pressures are checked and altered as required on tractors when different loads are carried, especially if a front loader is going to be used.

Also ensure that oils and fuels are clearly labelled in the store, ideally with 'engine oil for diesel engines' rather than '5W-30'. Many an expensive repair has been caused by the use of incorrect oils and fuels. This can be especially important if four-stroke and two-stroke petrol is kept on site. Make sure that each is kept in the correct coloured container and that it is clearly marked, both to indicate which type it is and also what percentage the mix is.

Always fill diesel tanks on machines at night. Air that has been drawn into the tank during the day can be warm due to the operating temperature of the machine; as this air cools, it can cause condensation in the fuel tank which will block filters. In machines with steel tanks this can also start corrosion and rust. By filling the fuel tank before putting the machine away at night, as much air as possible is expelled from the tank.

All machines should be greased at the end of the day and after they have been washed off. This will expel any moisture from the bearings, which otherwise would sit there until the following morning.

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