0 Tee renovations at Patshull Park

Tee renovations at Patshull Park

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The winter tee mats have been placed out and are now in use, which means that the team are busy reconstructing some of the tees around the course. The tees were traditionally long and narrow 'cigar' shaped tees and invariably suffered from extensive use through the warmer months. There are around 45,000 rounds of Golf played at Patshull Park each year, which most would agree is heavy usage.

The whole course is surrounded by mature woodland, which causes the usual problems of shade,teeconstruction.jpg

Whenever changes are made to the course, Geoff tries to make them blend in with the surroundings and look aesthetically pleasing for the members. He occasionally holds forums for slideshows and question and answer sessions with members to talk about the course, works in progress and the winter projects. He says that the liaison with members is important, so that he can determine current problems and future schedules of work. He also feels that member involvement has always and will always improve his chances of implementing the changes on the course.


One tee has had additional drainage incorporated to improve the movement of water through the tee. The drainage being installed prior to surface rotovation and regarding.teerenovat.jpg


There is of course the routine maintenance of the course to fit in around these works and with a mild autumn, the grass has continued to grow quite well. There has also been a lot of rain about; so a few weeks ago Geoff employed the services of ALS, and their 'Earthquake' machine.

He has used the machine on some of the poorer draining areas of the fairways, and says that since it was used these traditionally wet areas have dried up and allowed both golfing and grass maintenance to continue through this wet spell.
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