0 Tennis in Trafalgar Square

Tennis in Trafalgar Square

By Andrew Lofting


The Court had to be constructed within eight hours and removed 4 hours after the finish for the 1 day event.

With such a difficult venue and time restraints A J Leisure put together a team of companies all specialists in their fields.

GreenTech ITM provided the very important Drain Core product which helped to provide a level base and acted as a drainage layer, Drain core reduces installation times, maintenance costs and drains faster then normal sub bases, Drain core has been used very successfully in North America for a number of years for all sports applications including football, golf and tennis.

Lindum Turf provided the Turf using their very successful 40mm Lokturf turf. The Turf was the most critical product of the whole event the organisers wanted to recreate a natural turf court, Lokturf was the only turf that could stand up to a quick installation carried out very professionally by Talbot's but would stand up to a lot of play during a short time and had to provide a good standard of play for Tim and Boris to play a match on and look good as well

Once the Turf was laid CSS (Championship Sports Surfacing Ltd) put the all important finishing touches to the court in Line Marking and Grooming the Turf.

Fencing the court surrounds was handled by The Sports Fencing Company who provided a very stable fence in a very quick period as this could only be done once the court was finished.

The Finished product looked superb on a hot sunny day the court looked fantastic. After eight hours with everyone working through the night the court was ready for play.

The Event was shown on all the major news channels and featured in the national news press everyone agreed including Tim, that all the companies involved had worked hard to produce a first class tennis court

After a very successful days play the court was handed over for complete removal within 4 hours.

The very next day Trafalgar Square was back to normal with no signs of there ever being a court there.

I am not sure what Lord Nelson thought of it all.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact Andrew Lofting at AJLeisure.com on 01622 738280.

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