0 Terrain Blasts into Excavation

Air-blaster-201.jpgTerrain Aeration launches a new, soil excavation service, which safely exposes tree roots to determine their overall spread.

Aimed at contractors, local authorities, arboricultural consultants, architects, urban planners or anybody involved in new developments near or adjacent to existing trees, this new service employs Air Blaster machines using Terrain Aeration's compressed-air technology.

"We developed our Air Blasters following long experience of the effect of high pressure air blasts on soil, gained while building and testing our Airforce Terralift de-compaction machines," explains MD David Green. "The beauty of these Air Blasters is that they operate at different levels of power enabling us to regulate the blast according to the delicacy of the operation."

Working on specified sample areas, Terrain's Air Blasters expose the depth and spread of root growth, usually to a depth of half a metre, from which the extent of total root growth can be determined. "This information can be crucial, especially on sites where tree preservation orders are in place," Green concludes.

Visitors can expect ongoing demonstrations, not only of soil excavation but also one- metre-deep soil coring, and de-compaction using the Airforce Terralift fleet. Gartenwerker and Spin Spray will also be on show.

As ever Terrain Aeration offer a 15% discount for all orders taken during Saltex.

For further information contact Terrain Aeration on Tel: 01449 673783 or visit their website on www.terrainaeration.co.uk

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