01 NEW Country LS100 LOGO.jpgWith the arrival of colder weather upon us and homeowners across the UK looking to reduce fuel costs, the comforting warmth of the woodburning stove and crackle and glow of the open fire are back in vogue.

However, the old saying of "wood warms you twice" has been well proven by anyone with experience of laborious and back-breaking hours wielding a splitting axe, or worse - the sledgehammer and splitting wedge, which invariably pings off the log at shin height. 2kg of metal connecting at speed with the lower limb is not an experience to be relished.

So the arrival of the new Wessex Country LS100 log splitter is well-timed, as well as well-priced. Simple in design, rugged in construction - as you'd expect from a Wessex product - and low in cost, the LS100 is the perfect partner for any compact or large tractor with a category 1 three-point linkage. With a powerful hydraulically-powered vertical ram providing up to 10 ton of splitting pressure, logs of up to 18" in height are split and processed with ease, while the floor-level platform means that loading larger logs onto the splitter is safe and simple.

"We've kept the design simple and the price low, but in no way at the expense of quality", declares Steve James of Broadwood International, manufacturers of Wessex products. "This unit is built tough for a tough task, and as you'd imagine it complies with all regulations, incorporating two-handed operation for extra safety." Designed and built in the UK, and available from dealers nationwide

Contact Broadwood International on 01420 478111 or email sales@broadwoodintl.co.uk for more info.
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