0 The Answer Lies in the Soil

The Answer Lies in the Soil

By Martyn Jones

Fundamental to the playability of any sports area and the health of the turfgrass cover is the physical characteristics of the soil or rootzone material. Surface stability, ball response, turfgrass rooting, micro-organism communities, and chemical reactions are all affected by the physical elements that dictate oxygen and water availability, heat conductivity, and hydraulic performance. The principles of soil physics are many and complex. Incorrect assumptions are often made and misdirected management decisions are taken. Consequently, irreparable damage, with far-reaching repercussions can occur. Inappropriate aeration practices or topdressing applications can dramatically affect the performance of a rootzone and, subsequently, the health of a grass sward.


Insert Photograph: Stanley Zontek, Director of Mid-Atlantic Region of USGA Green Section.

In addition, soil management strategies will be reviewed and recommendations given to preserve or enhance the performance characteristics of rootzones.

The information presented will be invaluable to any turf manager and should be used as a basis for any management decisions that might affect the playability and physical performance of golf greens, sports grounds and landscape areas.

To obtain a Conference brochure and registration form, simply email NTFoundation@aol.com or visit www.turfgrass.org.uk.

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