0 The “compact” standard tractor with unique technology.

209V_74_klein.jpgWith the development of the new 200 Vario compact tractor, Fendt engineers have succeeded in integrating the technology of the high-horsepower Vario ranges in the tractors of this power segment.

Through tremendous manoeu-vrability and a low vehicle height, the 200 Vario proves its capabilities in many applications. The benefits of the Vario transmission and the quiet and uncluttered workplace make it exceptionally well-suited for grassland opera-tions.

The 200 Vario guarantees safe work in alpine operations, since a low centre of gravity, front axle suspension with anti-roll control and a broad range of tyre options ensure high stability. A low vehicle weight and large steering angle make the 200 Vario a perfect row crop tractor. For specialty operations in winter maintenance or when harvesting vegetables, the Vario transmission permits optimum ground speed adjustment to match the prevail-ing conditions.

The generous glass areas, standard roof window and compact block construction with a wasp-waist design, along with a matching CARGO front loader, make the new Fendt compact tractor excellent for front loader work and it also proves to be ideal in tight spaces.

High-performance vehicle, but nevertheless economical

The new 200 Vario is powered by a newly developed, water-cooled 3-cylinder engine from AGCO Sisu Power. It was specially designed for the 200 Vario ranges - the 200 Vario V/F/P and 200 Vario standard tractors - in cooperation with Fendt engineers. The engine has a cubic capacity of 3.3 litres and max. 70 to 110 hp and naturally complies with the legal requirements of the Tier 3 emissions standard.

The short design of the 3-cylinder engine makes it possible to accommodate a new cooling unit, while still maintaining the compact design. The newly de-signed cooling system has large intake areas. This results in less dirt in the radiator and optimised cooling performance - even under extreme operating conditions. The air filter features a cyclone pre-cleaner which guarantees a long filter life and less maintenance work. It also allows high air throughput despite the small installation space.

The engine features a speed-independent common rail high-pressure injection system as well as fully electronic engine control. The AGRex external exhaust gas recirculation system assists the high-performance injection system. This alone results in a fuel consumption advantage of about ten percent compared to internal exhaust gas recirculation systems.

Precise work thanks to Vario

To this day, the profitability as well as the high driving and operating comfort of the Vario tractors remain unattained. Not only numerous tests and expert reviews testify this, but also the number of tractors with the Fendt stepless technology on the market. There are over 100,000 tractors with Vario trans-mission in operation since it was introduced in 1995. With the introduction of the 200 Vario, Fendt completes its Vario line-up and now offers 100 percent Vario across the range.

The Vario transmission ML 75 was especially adapted to the size and special needs of compact tractors in this power segment. The transmission only has one driving range and allows working speeds from 20 metres per hour to 40 kilometres per hour (25mph) - including stepless, wear-free reversing.
Top speed is already attained at a fuel-saving 1,750 rpm. Since there are no gear steps and ground speed can be adjusted to any kind of work independent of the engine speed, area coverage can be increased by up to ten percent. To-gether with the high efficiency of the Vario transmission, this significantly reduces fuel consumption.

Constant power flow also means a great gain in safety. This is most apparent on alpine slopes - even here, starting up or adjusting driving speed is possible without jerking. The front axle suspension, in which the suspension cylinder is directly supported on the front axle, as well as a low centre of gravity and wide tyre options increase safety.

The outstanding performance of the transmission is clearly evident during acceleration: 0 to 40 km/h (25mph) in only seven seconds - that guarantees an exceptional driving experience.

The Tractor Management System (TMS), which has been used successfully for many years in the other Vario ranges, enables even greater fuel economy. TMS controls the engine and transmission. The ground speed is selected with the acceleration pedal. Then the engine speed and transmission settings are automatically adjusted so that the tractor is always operating at an economical optimum. That not only reduces driver fatigue, it also reduces fuel consump-tion by up to ten percent.

The comfort cab

Fendt engineers have developed a completely new cab designed especially for the 200 Vario, which offers the best comfort. Through the special design of the Vario transmission, it was possible to integrate most of the drive compo-nents in the rear axle housing, which made it possible to build a flat cab floor and maintain a low vehicle height. There is no transmission tunnel and thanks to the central operating unit on the right-hand side, there are no operating elements to get in the way in the foot area. The height and tilt-adjustable steering wheel and the comfort seat with air suspension ensure that drivers are always in the right position to stay fit on long working days.

The cab has conical bearings and is isolated from the tractor body, which keeps the noise level is very low. The extremely well insulated cab and the water-cooled engine, which is extremely smooth-running, especially at low engine speeds, minimise noise in the cab. The 200 Vario cab can be equipped with optional mechanical cab suspension. Conical bearings in the front and sprung struts with an integral lateral stabiliser at the rear, absorb annoying shock loads and movements of the cab and guarantee the highest ride comfort.

The generous glass areas, the narrow steering column and panorama window ensure perfect all-round visibility.

Operation - simple, logical and productive

The controls for the 200 Vario are easy to use and logical. All the operating elements are conveniently and ergonomically arranged in the right-hand con-trol console. For the 200 Vario, cumbersome shifting with many different levers is a thing of the past. The VarioStick integrates them all in one: a main gear shift lever, range lever and crawler gear lever. Any desired speed from 20 m/h to 40 km/h can be adjusted continuously, without having to change lev-ers.

The reverser lever on the steering column enables fast, stepless reversing, which is a great advantage for front loader work, since the operator's right hand is free to control the hydraulics. The Stop & Go function and the active stop function are also conveniently operated using the left hand on the revers-ing lever.

The Fendt dashboard, comprising an instrument cluster and central informa-tion display, provides all information at a glance. All the functions, such as engine speed, automatic maximum output control or TMS functions can be set using the control element on the right-hand console. The multi-display provides information about these settings and also shows values, such as fuel consumption or the current cruise control speed.

200 Vario and CARGO 3X 65 - a perfect unit

Fendt has expanded the CARGO front loader range with a model designed especially for the 200 Vario. The motto "Made by Fendt" also applies to the CARGO 3X 65. The new model is perfectly adapted to the 200 Vario and, like the other CARGO models, is characterised by high operating comfort, safety and maintenance-friendliness. The proven CARGO features, such as the multi-coupler, CARGO lock and Z-kinematics, which have been used successfully in the other models of the Fendt front loader range, are also found in the smaller CARGO 3X 65. A special feature of this model is the arm with a chord length of 2,500 mm. This, in combination with attachments that have been specially adapted to this range, means that the front loader re-mains close to the tractor, which maintains the compactness and manoeuvra-bility of the machine.

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