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THE FIRST GAME ! !steve_patrick.gif
Nine weeks have now passed and we are down to five more days before we put all our hard work to the ultimate test of a full game of competitive football. Even though its a pre season friendly against the mighty Barcelona, just the though of a game is quite scary. The weather if I'm honest has been quite kind since we seeded the pitch at Ewood after the dreaded pop concert at the beginning of June. Three good weeks of dry, sunny and at times quite hot weather has seen the newly sown seed develop into a very lush and healthy sward.
But still the nerve ends will be tingling on Sunday of this week when the players run down the tunnel onto my pride and joy. Hopefully the care and attention I've given to the surface in this realistically short space of time will be enough to see me through this weekend, and with a good aeration programme throughout the rest of the growing season, combined with ferterliser applications, fungicide treatments if necessary, and without doubt one of the most vital things required for a successful season an awful lot of good luck. So come May next year we will all know the outcome. Because I have just been informed by our managing director that we are now planning three pop concerts for June 2002. who would be a groundsman eh !
Best of luck everybody, Steve Patrick,
Head Groundsman Blackburn Rovers FC.

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