0 The most convenient solution for ice and snow

Brine ATV Winter SnowSpraying brine has become an increasingly popular method of treating ice and snow and an ATV or UTV is the ideal vehicle for applying it.

Paths, pedestrianised and shopping areas may have restricted vehicular access and an ATV mounted brine sprayer provides a convenient solution in both senses of the word. Spraying brine has many advantages over spreading granular salt.

To begin with it's cleaner and doesn't get carried by footfall into shops like salt. It is also an instant solution in that salt requires moisture to work effectively.

The Wessex ATV/UTV brine sprayer is based on the popular WS618p sprayer but it has a 1½ metre boom with three individual clusters of nozzles for various applications.

It's the perfect applicator for paths, pedestrian walkways and the Wessex brine sprayer's 55 litre tank holds enough brine to cover 1250 square metres or a 1.5 metre width over a kilometre distance; and that's a lot more economical than salt.

The nozzle clusters are a clever operation. A fan nozzle gives a fine spray for applications in light snow or frosty conditions. A pencil jet nozzle gives a high pressure jet of brine, enough to penetrate the surface of the ice and speed up the process of treating compacted ice.

Then there is a five jet nozzle for pre-treatment. With the brine already on the ground, even if the water has evaporated, when the frost or snow descends there is a salt presence to deal with it.

Areas that have been treated before a heavy fall of snow will also be more easily ploughed because the ground surface won't be frozen.

Finally, in those areas inaccessible to the ATV/UTV, such as steps, narrow paths and doorways, there is a hand lance and hose for effectively spot spraying the brine to help make access safer.

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