0 The New INFiNiCut ™ - The New Yellow Peril.

TheGrassGroup 8851The ATTINFiNiCut™ pedestrian mower, from The Grass Group, is a visually striking machine. Not only in colour, but in what it can encompass as a constituent part of the INFiNiSystem™ - the world's only complete, walk behind, turf refinement cassette system that has a very short footprint to allow a consistentlow height of cut.

INFiNiCut™ is a dedicated tees and greens mower 'Energised by INFINIPOWER'. An all new dual power source - the mower can be powered by a battery unit for those areas close to buildings, and then switched over to the hybrid 1.5kw energy/generator for further away locations - inter-changeabilityin the field without the need to return to the workshop. The electronic control offers three different forward speeds for user selection independent of the reel speed.

The SMARTCut Cutting Cassette offers unrivalled versatility and ease of maintenance with a bedknife adjustment to a fixed position cylinder to achieve consistency and quality of cut. 7,11 & 14 blade options are available to give a cutting height range of 1.6mm to 25mm (0.06in to 1 in), all of which provide superb results in all situations.The unique floating head mechanism has a 'dynamic return' feature that is constantly trying to spread the weight of the machine evenly, even when on steep slopes. No moving parts mean no wear and less maintenance.

There is an optional powered rear roller brush which, when combined with the SMARTCut™ cutting cassette, sees a power requirement of only a fraction of any other unit on the market. This power saving is a massive bonus when driving cutting units from a battery source, or just wanting to use less fuel.

The optional Groomer attachment contra rotates to achieve the maximum effect in alleviating grain and turf density problems. It can be installed and removed in rapid fashion. It has a fully sealed gearbox and is designed for single lever action to give simple engagement or disengagement.

When not being used as a dedicated mower the full versatility of the INFiNiSystem™can be brought into play. The unit can accommodateany one of nine SMART cassettes to carry out a range of functionsto turn it into a total turf refinement cassette system. The forward speed adjustment system, results in a no compromise solution to greens turf maintenance.

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