0 The new GKB Vstrong doesn’t miss an inch

Every turf professional is naturally looking to preserve their sports pitch in excellent condition. The problem is dealing with weed, thatch and moss requires a continuous maintenance regime. You need to ensure there is the maximum amount of activity from bacteria and micro organisms to decompose thatch.

Whilst aeration combats soil compaction and bad drainage, and the consequent reduction of bacterial activity, scarifying is the route to chemical-free weed management and the prevention of spreading thatch and moss.

The latest GKB Vstrong improves on already proven technology to offer the professional a robust and reliable scarifying machine that swiftly deals with the problem with the minimum waste flow. Operating speeds up to 7.4mph/12km/h mean you can quickly cover a lot of ground for maximum productivity. You can even use the Vstrong on hybrid pitches, stitched or with a carpet, thanks to the height adjustment with two rollers and the facility to lock the working depth.

Richard Dexter, Grounds Manager at Oakham School, who uses a Vstrong for winter renovation on sports pitches has this to say:

"We use the Vstrong initially to remove dead, organic matter and we can work much more quickly. We can do in two passes what used to take four or five with a rake. It's been fantastic, excellent quality and well-built yet simple and really, really fast."

At the heart of the Vstrong is the CombiRotor with generically developed 3mm carbide scarifying blades. The blades, in turn, are attached to the rotor by means of the QuickLock system which allows you to attain a depth of 5cm. In combination with the reversed rotation direction you're guaranteed you don't miss an inch. There is also the option of 2 or 4mm blades and you can alter the centre-to-centre distance of the scarifying blades.

Vstrong's patented roller pendulum system puts you in control of the operating depth and as a unique bonus the scarifier comes with a hydraulic adjustable slide, for scarifying close to the edge of the pitch without swiping and soiling advertising boards and pathways. GKB recommends allowing the scarified material to dry before removal to allow nutrients to benefit the turf and to help reduce the expense of removing waste material. It's worth noting as well the Vstrong is produced in the same innovative manner as the GKB Combinator in energy neutral, sustainable production facilities and developed from the experience of GKB's own contractor division.

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