0 The only way is Wessex

AFCThe Wessex name is well known for high quality flail mowers designed for use with ATV's and UTV's. The range of attachments though extends well beyond just the mowers, with mounted and towed equipment for a whole variety of purposes. The popular Wessex WS sprayers are highly versatile with a 55 litre easy-to-clean tank and many user-friendly features. Easily fitted on an ATV or utility vehicle they feature booms kept within the width of the bike to avoid damage and come as standard with a hand lance and hose for spot spraying.

They are ideal for amenity, agricultural, estate and smallholding use. There is a towed sweeper collector that is tailor-made for collecting grass clippings and scarifying debris, as well as autumn leaf collection, and it can be hitched behind an ATV, UTV, garden tractor or 4x4. A brother to this is the Wessex Dung Beetle, the self-powered paddock cleaner for private horse owners, equestrian centres and riding schools. Weeds don't stand a chance with the Wessex Rotowiper weed wiper which is more cost-effective than spraying. Using less chemicals it targets the vulnerable underside of the weed leaf and won't kill off grass or clover. It's also good for working close to water courses and can be used on windy days.

The Wessex Country trailed spreaders offer a good size hopper and an optional winter kit for spreading salt. With spring comes the need to harrow and rejuvenate tired grass areas. The Wessex drag harrows offer a simple, rugged and cost-effective unit for grass de-thatching. Just add water to the Wessex Country land roller and you're ready to maintain lawns, paddocks and pitches, towed behind a compact tractor, 4x4 or ATV. Anyone with a ménage knows the importance of careful maintenance and there is Wessex grader for smoothing and levelling off sand or rubber crumb. It's meals on wheels for the flock or herd with the Wessex SF350 stock feeder loaded with sheep nuts, meal or cattle feed. It's mechanical so no unreliable electric drive system to let you down, just hitch and go.

Wessex stock, high side, road trailers and ATV tipping trailers complete the highly purposeful line-up of accessories no one with an ATV or UTV for land and amenity use can be without. It's the only way to work. Wessex is celebrating fifty years of British manufacturing. Broadwood International 01420 478111 www.broadwoodintl.co.uk

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