0 The Royal Grammar School, Guilford invests in the best playing fields to keep their 950 boys happy!

3 tonne single leg gravel band drainer.JPGAfter 16 years of trouble free operation, the Royal Grammar School has decided to invest in a new Shelton 3 tonne single leg Gravel Band Drainer to take advantage of the single leg design.

This new design allows the school to increase drainage in heavily used parts of the playing fields. The new Gravel Band Drainer, which has speeds in excess of 6000 metres per day, is constructed largely of stainless steel for enhanced material flow, for durability and enhanced appearance. The machine also requires less horsepower which enhances the school's green credentials and poses a lower risk of damage to the ground.

The Royal Grammar School playing fields, designed by the Sports Turf Research Institute and constructed by Golf Landscapes, were opened in Sept 1986. The school has 20 acres of playing fields in total including five rugby pitches and 3 cricket squares with 4 large grid areas with herringbone pipe drainage system with sand slits above.

16 years ago, the school found that the original herringbone drainage system was inadequate and STRI recommended sand banding all the pitches to keep the drains open. The school decided to buy a Shelton 2 leg Gravel Band Drainer which was the most economical solution and which provided the flexibility to do the work in their own time, when convenient and with Lytag which has better drainage qualities than sand and keeps the 950 boys happy.

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