0 The UK Pesticide Guide 2004

The UK Pesticide Guide 2004

By Laurence Gale


As a result of the EU Pesticide Review Programme and directives from the government, the industry sees many changes in the use and type of pesticides being available. Last year saw about 30 active substances and all products containing them being deleted and withdrawn from use. However, new technologies bring new products to the market place, with over 130 new product entries being available and recorded in this year's guide.

The Author:

The BCPC is a self supporting limited company with charity status, formed in 1968 to promote the knowledge and understanding of the science and practice of crop protection. The corporate members include:

  • Government departments.
  • Research councils.
  • Advisory services and other associations concerned with the farming industry.
  • Agrochemical manufacturers.
  • Universities and scientific services.
  • Environmental organisations.

Book contents:

The primary aim of the book is to provide a practical handbook of pesticides, plant growth regulators and adjuvants that the farmer, grower or turf professionals can realistically legally obtain in the UK. The book is designed to help with the identification and recommendation of the correct chemical ingredients to use for a particular crop or field use. The book lists well over 350 active ingredients and gives advice on where and how they should be used. The information is broken down into six sections:

  • 1.About the UK Pesticide Guide
  • 2.Adjuvants
  • 3.Crop and pest guides
  • 4.Active ingredients list
  • 5.Products registered
  • 6.Appendix Suppliers of Pesticides and Adjuvants

Book Review:

The UK Pesticide Guide 2004 can be obtained in both paperback and electronic forms. This guide is an essential tool and companion for anyone involved in selecting and using crop protection chemicals, with up to date details of current legislations regarding the use of pesticides. The book also provides valuable contact names, addresses and phone numbers of companies and authorities if further assistance if required. The Guide is reasonably priced at £33.95 and well worth the money, ensuring peace of mind for all who have to encounter the use of pesticides, safe in the knowledge that they have consulted and checked that the products being used are safe for both users and the environment.

Other information:

The Guide can be obtained from British Crop Protection Council (BCPC) 7 Omni Business Centre, Omega Park, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 2QD.

Telephone (01420) 593200, Email, md@bcpc.org and Web www.bcpc.org

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07973 394037

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