0 There’s no stopping the Scrubmaster

Wessex Scrubmaster 0414 I8Where dense brush and scrub need clearing, the Wessex Scrubmaster rotary slasher has been described as unstoppable. Four heavy duty reversible blades, mounted on a hardened steel plate, do the slashing with over two thousand one ton impact cuts per minute.

Dense vegetation stands no chance, while the heavy gauge steel tailgates contain debris beneath the machine to give it a thorough mulching and, for manoeuvring without lifting, there is an optional rear castoring wheel.

The Scrubmaster has adjustable side skids positioned so that the working width is only marginally less than the overall width, allowing the machine to cut close to trees in plantations.

A fully floating headstock allows it to be dragged across rough ground with minimal stress to the frame and a heavy galvanised chain takes the strain of lifting.

Tough is a mild description for this machine which is even tougher now than when it was first introduced over fifty years ago. A testimony to its durability, say Wessex, is the fact that spares for thirty year old Scrubmasters are still being ordered today.

It comes then as no surprise that more and more of these machines can be found at work in woodlands and forests throughout the UK and across Europe.

The Scrubmaster can be ordered with either blade or chain cutters. Blades are ideal for cutting wood material, grass and weed growth. Chains are recommended where there is a likelihood of tree stumps and large stones which could damage blades.

The drive is transmitted via a friction plate clutch to the heavy-duty gearbox which has hardened bevel gears running in an oil bath for smooth operation.

To round it off, the cutter assembly is welded on a tapered hub which locks onto the gearbox output shaft. All in all then there really is no stopping the Scrubmaster.

For further information call Wessex International on 01264 345870 01264 345870 or visit www.wessexintl.com

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