0 They do exactly what they are designed to do …

They do exactly what they are designed to do …

By Lynn Hilton


The impressive MBNA Headquarters site near Chester covers 90 acres, including 30 acres of ornamental lawns and a 10 acre sportsground.

When Ian Giddings was appointed Exterior Services Manager two years ago, part of his brief was to encourage more of the 5000 workforce to use the sports complex by improving the facilites. That's a lot of people to please.

A steady investment in effective, reliable maintenance machinery has aided him in his mission to have quality playing surfaces available seven days a week, for a wide range of activities including soccer, cricket, baseball and frequent "fun days". The area is also available for community use, such as a recent Brownie Activity Day.

One of Ian's first purchases was a SISIS Maxislit which is used regularly for deep slitting the many grassed areas.

Then 18 months ago a SISIS OSCA tractor mounted oscillating brush was purchased and has been used very successfully on the two "rubber crumb" synthetic pitches. There had been many occasions when these pitches had to be closed for repair and the pile was flattened and slippery. Now they are always open for use and where there had previously been frequent injuries, there are now virtually none.

The powerful, heavy-duty SISIS ROTORAKE 600 is used year round for routine scarification on the fine turf areas and in the Spring and Autumn for deeper, more aggressive treatments.

The ride-on triple has been replaced by a SISIS HD138 gang mower . This simple change has resulted in a saving of 10 man hours per week.

The sand-based soccer pitch had persistent, compaction-related problems, with shallow rooted grasses. When Ian heard about the new SISIS AER-AID SYSTEM, the principle of injecting air directly into the rootzone seemed the obvious answer. A demonstration convinced him and the AER-AID is the latest addition to the fleet of SISIS machinery.

He says, "I chose SISIS machines because they do exactly what they are designed to do. They are easy to use, effective, dependable and built to last."

Photo: The SISIS AER-AID joins the fleet of SISIS machinery at MBNA, Chester. Centre - Ian Giddings and SISIS Territory Manager Andrew Roberts.

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