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A recent announcement from Dow AgroSciences confirmed that the planned revocation date for TIMBREL has been revised.

TIMBREL, which contains the active ingredient triclopyr, has been a very popular product for many years. TIMBREL is the best tool for the job for customers wanting to control problem woody weeds such as brambles, buddleia, rhododendron, sycamore and ash, as well as difficult to control weeds such as giant hogweed and Himalayan balsam.

TIMBREL continues to be registered, as the need for rhododendron control has increased in recent months with Phytopthera ramorum starting to spread through the nation's larch trees.

TIMBREL is a fast-acting product. It is applied to foliage at an application rate of between 2 and 8 litres per hectare (dependant on the weed species). TIMBREL moves down through the plant getting right to the root system, leading to root destruction and the prevention of re-growth. It is rainfast within two hours, giving it advantages over other brush killer products on the market, which need anything from six to 24 hours of dry weather after application for effective weed control.

Other key benefits of TIMBREL are that it is safe to grasses and can be used near to trees. Its long-term efficacy means that one application of TIMBREL will normally give season-long control of most weeds - therefore no repeat visits are needed - saving the spray operator both time and money.

Timbrel in 3L is available to purchase online in the Pitchcare Store

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