0 Time to turn self-doubt into self-belief ...

With the rush of Christmas and an early print run, this editorial is being written at the end of November and in the midst of financial doom and gloom. I doubt very much that the situation will have eased a great deal by the time you read this foreword; in fact it has probably continued to worsen.

I started life as a landscape gardener and moved into sportsturf maintenance, renovation and construction in the eighties because I felt that this industry was more recession proof than the seasonal ups and downs and the relative luxury service of landscaping. But, in recent days I have been party to a number of signs that, within our own industry, this downturn has really taken hold.

Commentaries in much of the media at this time include phrases like 'confidence has disappeared' or 'no confidence' as a reflection of what is happening around the globe. Therefore, whilst preparing this material, I have been musing on how important self assurance and 'confidence' is in so many aspects of what we do.

As an example take public speaking. This is one of the most feared aspects of anyone's job and, for me, a personal terror. Yet, I have been at many conferences and seminars and heard groundsmen and greenkeepers, who are experts at it, just stand up, often with no notes, and deliver their speech with aplomb and without any apparent sign of nerves or need for alcohol!

You could say this is just a matter of practice, but it comes from more than that, confidence being the key.

In work and in business confidence, it seems to me, translates into the broader context of morale. You can almost sense a person or company that is doing well, or a salesperson who is on a winning streak. Which is all very well, but what happens when the converse occurs, as is predicted to happen over the coming months. This is the time when strong leaders are needed, and can come into their own. They know spirits are low but mustn't show it - they have to give off a confident vibe.

So, what's needed now is confidence to invest in time and money when others may be holding back, turning self-doubt into self-belief and driving your career or business on through these difficult times.

Despite these difficult times we at Pitchcare will continue to bring all of you the latest advice, expertise and help to keep your surfaces maintained to the highest standards.

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Let's toast to a more prosperous New Year!

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