0 Tip-Top cleaning for small areas of synthetic turf with the Verti-Top 1200

Charterhouse 8842Regular maintenance of artificial turf is necessary to keep playing surfaces clean, bacteria-free and allow water infiltration. Charterhouse Turf Machineryhas an extensive, growing, range of equipment from the Redexim stable to carryout minor regular brushing through to full scale rejuvenation.

It is at this top end of maintenance that the new Redexim Verti-Top 1200 finds application.

This physically smaller machine will be of particular use in more confined spaces, but is still a high work-rate machine having a 1.2M (47.2") working width but weighing in at only 360kg. It has all the features of its larger stablemate the Verti-Top 1500, but with only the need for a 22hp tractor with a 400kg lift capacity.

The infill material used in synthetic systems must be kept level for consistency, and the upper carpet fibres have to remain free of litter and detritus to avoid the accumulation of dirt and bacteria, as well as potentially harmful fragments like glass splinters. The Verti-Top 1200 maintains the synthetic turf by removing, cleaning and redistributing the infill material.

Adjustable tines at the front of the Verti-Top 1200loosen and decompact the surface ahead of the brush for optimum cleaning, while a floating top link adapts to any undulations on the surface. The rotary brush ingeniously removes surface litter and the top 2 - 12mm of infill, and then filters out debris by using a unique vibrating mechanism.Lighter pieces of debris such as dust, hair, skin and loose fibres arecollected into a bag on top of the hopper via the vacuum system.

Theunique vacuum effect takes place above the sieve, removing potentiallyharmful materials from the infill - other makes of machines allow these materialsto drop back onto the surface affecting drainage and playing characteristics.The cleaned infill is then redistributed evenly over the surface, and an adjustable rear lag brush ensures a smooth finish.

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