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It's not called the Emerald Isle for nothing!

They know a thing or two about growing grass in Ireland. They also know about protecting it while keeping it green and healthy, which means free from thatch and disease. People in the know tell you it's not called the "Emerald isle" for nothing.

Knowing about green grass also means knowing the value of effective top dressing. It's probably the worst kept secret, yet for all that it is vitally important, since every Greenkeeper knows that regular dressing is the only way to maintain true healthy turf over long periods, while to ignore the process is to court disaster.


To use the word "perfected" is certainly no wild boast, for Ultra Plant have listened to end users and applied superior engineering techniques to produce without compromise a whole series of dressers. Their popular mark II UB 30S, which in towed or mounted versions can handle a spread of five metres, is especially adept at handling and thus properly distributing difficult wet or sticky materials, while being particularly suitable for greens and tees.

Kevin Gates, MD of Ultra Plant said: "The overall benefits of the spinner dressers mean that there is less time spent on the greens because of greater spread widths."ub60s.jpg

Their bigger UB 60S model, a dual purpose top loader cum fairway spinner, is just about perfect for wider applications, boasting a spread of eleven metres.

Kevin continued to say "The two machines in one concept is a useful combination for those clubs who are getting into top dressing their fairways and also their greens regularly. These clubs would benefit from a high lift loader."

Being specialists, Ultra Plant will adapt their machines to suit any vehicle, while their collection is nicely rounded off with the super efficient Mobile Ultra Screener, built to handle a stunning capacity of up to 40 tonnes per hour.

For sales enquiries in England, please contact David Meharg at Synergy Products on (+44) 01380 828337, for rest of UK, please contact Kevin Gates at Ultra Plant's Ireland office on (+44) 028 8774 7582.

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