0 TORO Irrigation launches innovative new golf controller at BTME

North Berrick Toro Irrigation is unveiling its innovative new Golf Decoder Controller (GDC) irrigation control system for golf courses at BTME. The company says it is the most powerful decoder system available for golf course irrigation.

The new system, also available for other applications, uses modern technology to provide a low-cost decoder system using a single 2-wire path. Its performance and flexibility enables irrigation consultants to design irrigation plans without the need for complicated calculations. The system is easy to install, simple to use, and flexible enough to meet contractor and greenkeeper needs.

Users can choose between two versions. The stand-alone system accommodates up to 200 stations and features a new easy-to-use programming interface whereas the PC-based system uses Toro's SitePro central computer system and can accommodate up to 3,200 stations, pump station integration and sensor input decoders.

The new GDC system uses new low-power solenoids on both sprinkler heads and automatic valves. This means that contractors can install decoders as far as 4.5km from the central unit using a single 2 x 2.5mm2 cable. The system also supports up to 800 stations per wire path and up to 3,200 stations per system. This flexibility allows golf course designers to create beautiful, challenging holes with the confidence that the irrigation system can support watering needs. The ability to tap into the existing wire path also gives golf courses an option for future redesigns or expansion.

Greenkeepers will find the system's diagnostic and sensor features useful for troubleshooting and maintenance. Sensor input decoders are available to take advantage of flow metering and rain sensors. In addition, the system's ability to turn on 50 stations per wire path will shorten watering windows and allow shorter ramp-up periods during crucial watering times.

Contractors will also find the GDC system easy to install and simple to use. The system's decoder capacity and installation range will significantly reduce the amount and type of wiring used during installation. The decoders come in one-, two- and four-station models and include colour-coded wire to identify each station. Each decoder comes pre-addressed, so no programming is necessary on installation. The decoders also feature built-in surge protection to reduce system damage during lightning storms and will continue working even if one decoder is damaged.

The new Toro GDC system is available in early 2007.

Toro Irrigation products are distributed in the UK by Lely (UK) Limited, Station Road, St Neots, Cambridgeshire, PE19 1QH. Tel: 01480 226858.
Email: hjones@lely.co.uk Website: www.toro.com

Photo caption: Toro's new Golf Decoder Controller system will make it easier for golf courses to control their watering.
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