0 Toro's T7 Golf Sprinkler the Perfect Solution

Can't commit to the cost of new or retrofit irrigation this summer? Then Toro's T7 Golf Sprinkler is the perfect solution.

It is impossible for golf clubs to second-guess the great British weather when it comes to deciding on their irrigation needs this summer.

While big venues with bigger budgets have the ability to replace an ailing system with a top-spec, wholesale replacement system, whatever the weather, smaller courses with under-performing installations have spent the last few years playing 'irrigation upgrade roulette'! For them, the question is: do I give that much-needed new installation or retrofit the green light only to be met with a washout summer - or risk limping through a scorcher with my current system?!

But there is a quick, easy and cost-effective option for those in dire need of an upgrade yet not quite ready to take the plunge with an all-new or retrofitted system, according to Toro Irrigation's national sales manager Robert Jackson.

"Upgrade your sprinklers! It's as simple as that," he reveals. "There are so many options to choose from to ensure your course is benefitting from the very latest Toro sprinkler technology.

"For instance, it's widely known that you can replace competitor sprinklers with our T7 Series Rotor. But it's a common misconception that some older Toro sprinklers can't be upgraded. This is completely wrong. So, this summer, I would urge all those using Toro 700 and 600 Series check-o-matic sprinklers connected to a remote solenoid valve to upgrade to the advanced, robust T7 golf rotor. Not only will upgrading to precision T7 sprinklers improve the overall efficiency of your system at the right pressure and flow, but, per unit, they're also much less expensive than equivalent competitor models.

"Our range also includes conversion assemblies for upgrading both Toro and other manufacturers' models. So my message is - talk to Toro this summer! You may not be able to depend on the weather, but you can depend on us if you want to get more from your existing system without splashing out on a major replacement or retrofit."

For further information on Toro Irrigation's T7 Series Rotor and other sprinkler upgrade options, contact distributor Lely UK on 01480 226848, email irrigation.uk@lely.com or visit www.toro.com.

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