0 Tough Test at Edgbaston

Tough Test at Edgbaston

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Steve Rouse, who tends this Warwickshire County Cricket Ground, says: "David Bates from TTS showed me a sample cover in December and I must admit I was a bit sceptical. "But I ordered two covers and have been very impressed with the results," he says. "They are strong but so light I can pull them on and off by myself. "I am sure they will save me from serious elbow injuries."

Left down for five days over the Easter period, there was no sign of disease on the grass under the new 100 per cent waterproof, but breathable, white covers. With water vapour diffusing through the cover, air circulation is created which helps reduce the chance of disease.

"During the same period our old green covers had fusarium underneath, which demonstrates the marked difference," says Steve. "Light gets through extremely well with the new covers which allows the grass to grow readily." Acting like a germination sheet, on the test wicket the Barenbrug mix has established well. "These covers are a very definite winner and I only wish we had them when I started here 10 years ago," says Steve.

Complying to European norms including ENV343 for Resistance to Water Penetration (Class 3) and Breathability (Class 2&3) a double cricket pitch cover 80ft by 23ft weighs just 75 lbs (34 kg).

Steve reckons the British climate offers the greatest challenge to his Groundsmanship skills.
"Planning is an essential part of my job," he says, "especially with the unpredictable weather conditions in this country."

Looking ahead to 2005, Steve is already planning to invest in more covers for this world-class cricket ground.

For further details on this revolutionary cover system telephone David Bates, Technical Director for Total Turf Solutions on: 01604 750 555, Mobile: 07973 885 775 Email:info@totalturfsolutions.co.uk

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