0 Tracmaster Launches New Mower Attachments

tracmsterTracmaster, leading landscape and groundcare machinery expert, has launched two mower attachments designed for dealing with heavily overgrown vegetation. The new flail mower and brush mower attachments can effortlessly clear dense undergrowth and are suitable for use with Tracmaster's BCS two-wheel tractors; BCS Crusader power scythes and BCS Commander units.

Tracmaster's robust flail mower attachment will cut and mulch vegetation including brambles, bracken, long grass and wood up to an inch thick and so is ideal for severely overgrown areas where no collection is needed. Featuring heavy-duty free swinging blades that overlap to provide very good ground coverage, the flail mower implement is also well suited to areas that require a neat finish. For an even finer finish the attachment is available with an optional removable baffle.

The flail mower attachment has an adjustable cutting height from 2 to 10cm and is available in two widths: 65cm and 85cm. The implement also features a pivoting front section that can be angled up and down to more easily allow tall materials into the flail mower. An optional front brush bar can be added to the tool to help funnel tall material, such as brambles, into the flails more effectively.

Tracmaster's new brush mower attachment is also designed for overgrown areas. The implement is durable, simple to operate, economical and able to tackle a wide range of vegetation, making it a great general purpose 'rough cut' mower. Two heavy-duty free swinging blades effortlessly cut overgrown vegetation, weeds, brambles and brush. The attachment can also cut saplings up to 2 inches thick. The blades are designed to pivot so that if they hit a solid object they are not damaged. At the rear of the mowing deck is a reinforced rubber flap under which the cut material is output, preventing clogging.

The brush mower is available in three widths: 53cm, 67cm and 81cm, while the cutting height is easily adjusted from 5cm to 10cm via skids. Meanwhile the deck 'floats', following the contours of the terrain and preventing the implement from scalping the ground.

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