0 Trailed Mowers – the Salesman’s Perspective

Jeremy VincentIf you are looking to purchase a trailed mower this spring what sort of things should you be looking out for?

Jeremy Vincent, General Manager at The Grass Group, lets on what questions he is asked the most.

"Whenever we do a demo the customer is ready with a barrage of questions often before we are out of the car. I try not to get too technical but promote the advantages of the Progressive range over our competitors.

The normal first questions are how wide is it, what's the maximum height of cut, what's the minimum height of cut, what horse power do I need and of course how much is it?!

Progressive offer an extensive range of roller mowers ranging from 65 inches to (1.6m) 3 point linkage mounted to 30 feet (9.1m) tractor trailed with a horse power requirement from 25Hp to 130Hp.

Height of cut is from ½ inch (13mm) up to 4 inches (100mm) and is adjusted by a quick and simple system used throughout the range.

Normally the questions get more technical as the demo moves on with questions like how do we achieve such grass distribution, what's the maintenance schedule, what does it weigh, and what is it like in the wet?

The Progressive rang SL370419 007e of roller mowers use a full width blade and specially designed deck to produce a superior cut and excellent grass distribution without any clumping or wind rows even in wet conditions.

Because of the mowers light weight but strong construction, we are also able to mow longer into wet conditions.

The TDR mowers are also designed for ease of use and with a low maintenance requirement, with minimal moving parts, a quick daily check means the mowers spend more time in the field and less in the workshop.

My favourite question is always the last, how soon can you deliver one?!"


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